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An Environmentally Friendly System that Harnesses Naturally Occurring Cosmic Rays and Electrons
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Can you be sure what's in the rest? A revolutionary new solution is now here.
Only a few containers on this ship have actually been scanned.
The only existing system capable of passively detecting shielded material, contraband or anomalies.
Muon Imaging at Fukushima
Decision Sciences extends the application of its revolutionary technology for power plant recovery.
MMPDS Gen3, the Next Generation of Non-intrusive Detection.

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Only a very small percentage of cargo containers are actually scanned for threats, and traditional scanning technology cannot effectively detect shielded threat materials and be safely used.

World air cargo traffic is expected to double in the next 20 years. Despite the flow of cargo in and out of countries around the world, very little air cargo is scanned for threats or contraband smuggling.

The MMPDS for Border Crossings is a passive, safe, and effective automated scanning system for quickly detecting and locating contraband including weapons, alcohol, and more.

Decision Sciences has supported the restoration efforts of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant site by providing multiple versions of its revolutionary muon tracking detectors.

Safety Security of the Global Community

Decision Sciences brings together cutting-edge science, hardware and software development, systems integration and manufacturing to improve the safety and security of the global community.

Contraband Detection with Safety in Mind

Decision Sciences’ Discovery has the ability to assist operators in finding contraband including weapons, alcohol, cigarettes/tobacco, drugs/narcotics, precious metals, smuggled humans and numerous other items of interest and anomalies.

Decision Sciences - LATEST NEWS

"You graduate into a world…where new stateless actors have stepped into the breach with the desire to smuggle weapons of terror into American ports in the belly of cargo containers."

A nuclear attack on the U.S. “is far more likely to arrive in a cargo container than on the tip of a missile.”

“…the dangers from nuclear weapons today are not theoretical. They are real – and they are grave. …but the likelihood of nuclear terrorism or a regional nuclear war is increasing every year.”

“A nuclear terrorist attack would cause unimaginable economic, social, and political chaos, and deaths 100 times greater than those on 9-11.”

“One nightmare scenario would be to have one or more dirty bombs put together 50 or 60 miles outside of a city and then brought into an urban area”.


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Washington, D.C.
Decision Sciences Suite 300 2551 Dulles View Drive Herndon, VA 20171 Phone: 571-299-6679 Beautylife88 Unisex AntiSlip Home Shoes Bath Slipper Indoor Floor Slipper Blue pumt4
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To see that the third definition implies the first two, one can show that if j : V M is a nontrivial elementary embedding, then the set U = { x κ | κ j ( x ) } ) is a κ -complete nonprincipal ultrafilter on κ , and in fact a normal fine measure. To show the converse, one needs to use ultrapower embeddings : if U is a nonprincipal κ -complete ultrafilter on κ , then the canonical ultrapower embedding j : V Ult U ( V ) is a nontrivial elementary embedding of the universe.

If κ is measurable, then it has a measure that take every value in [ 0 , 1 ] . Also there must be a normal fine measure on P κ ( κ ) .

Every measurable cardinal is regular , and (under AC) bears most large cardinal properties weaker than it. It is in particular \Pi^2_1 - indescribable . However the least measurable cardinal is not \Sigma^2_1 -indescribable. Independently of the truth of AC, the existence of a measurable cardinal implies the consistency of the existence of large cardinals with the said properties, even if that measurable is merely \omega_1 .

If \kappa is measurable and \lambda<\kappa then it cannot be true that \kappa<2^\lambda . Under AC this means that \kappa is a strong limit (and since it is regular, it must be strongly inaccessible, hence it cannot be \omega_1 ).

If there exists a measurable cardinal then exists, and therefore V\neq L . In fact, the Merrell Womens Siren Wrap Q2 Athletic Sandal Aluminum dJt0Xbuz5
of every real number exists, and therefore \mathbf{\Pi}^1_1 - determinacy holds. Furthermore, assuming the axiom of determinacy, the cardinals \omega_1 , \omega_2 , \omega_{\omega+1} and \omega_{\omega+2} are measurable, also in L(\mathbb{R}) every regular cardinal smaller than \Theta is measurable.

Every measurable has the following reflection property: let j:V\to M be a nontrivial elementary embedding with critical point \kappa . If x\in V_\kappa and M\models\varphi(\kappa,x) for some first-order formula \varphi , then the set of all ordinals \alpha<\kappa such that V\models\varphi(\alpha,x) is AMATM Women Cute Cartoon Plush Winter Warm Home Indoor Slippers Shoes White xL1mJ
in \kappa and has the same measure as \kappa itself by any 2-valued measure on \kappa .

“While growth has leveled off and there have been significant reductions in some countries, the number of animals used in research globally still totals almost 100 million a year.” —Hunter, Robert G. (January 1, 2014). Alternatives to Animal Testing Drive Market . Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News. Vol. 34, No. 1.

This includes all categories of livestock tracked by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Statistics Division (FAOSTAT) except for beehives. Their estimate for the total world livestock population in 2013 is 32,669,958,965. —FAOSTAT Database. Production: Live Animals .

Estimates of the total population of wild animals are in general very rough. However, the total appears to be at least 10 13 .

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Statistics Division (FAOSTAT) has estimated that the world annual capture of fish averaged between 9.7 x 10 11 and 2.7 x 10 12 by aggregating data from a variety of sources. Clearly the fish population alone must be well over 10 12 in order to support this rate of capture. This data provides a way to convert estimated biomass of fish to estimated numbers of fish; this results in an estimate of around 1.3 x 10 13 fish in the wild, in total. —Tomasik, Brian. (November 9, 2013). One Trillion Fish . Reducing Suffering.

We can also use counts of the density of land animals in various environments to estimate their global populations. This results in estimates of around 10 11 birds, 10 11 -10 12 land mammals, and 10 12 -10 13 each of reptiles and amphibians. Combining these with even the smallest plausible numbers of fish results in a total of around 10 13 wild animals. —Tomasik, Brian. (June 5, 2015). Converse AS Quantum Hi Sneaker Black/White/Volt Ix0FY
Reducing Suffering.

The number of insects is so large that for the purposes of estimation it is probably reasonable to use as the total number of animals. “Insects also probably have the largest biomass of the terrestrial animals. At any time, it is estimated that there are some 10 quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) individual insects alive.” —Smithsonian Institution. Hatop Unisex Men Women FlipFlops Slippers Beach Sandals Leisure Shoes Brown oZHyEz9

Estimates for the number of companion animals in various parts of the world include: “In the EU there are more than 200 million pets in total (204,947,400) and 72 million homes have companion animals…. Worldwide there are 223 million dogs and 220 million cats (excluding strays).” —IFAH Europe. About Pets .”Pet ownership in the U.S. has more than tripled from the 1970s, when approximately 67 million households had pets, to 2012, when there were 164 million owned pets.” —Humane Society of the United States. (January 30, 2014). Pets by the Numbers. “Add in Australia and New Zealand, where pets outnumber humans, and Asia’s aggregate pet population now exceeds 488 million, according to Euromonitor.” —Montlake, Simon. (October 21, 2011). Animal Spirits Drive Asia’s Booming Pet Industry . Forbes.Considering all these estimates, it’s likely that the number of companion animals worldwide, including strays, is near 1 billion.

Senator Leroy Garcia

Senator Leroy Garcia. Image credit: Colorado General Assembly

Senate Minority Leader Leroy Garcia has emerged as a passionate public lands advocate. He was the prime sponsor on the reauthorization of the Colorado Lottery division, which provides vital funding for LOSLANDIFEN Womens Sparking Sequins Flats Elegant Round Toe Wedding Ballet Bridal Shoes Blue Satin XcETJN6
, a program that supports outdoor recreation and land conservation in all 64 counties in the state. Additionally, in response to the Trump administration’s attempt to lease lands near the Great Sand Dunes National Park for oil and gas drilling, Sen. Garcia penned a passionate op-ed in the Pueblo Chieftain , condemning the federal push to auction off our public lands as “a direct threat to our communities, our economy, and our way of life.”

As the new Senate Minority Leader, Sen. Garcia has stepped up to the plate and batted on behalf of public lands protections.

Representative Dominique Jackson / Image Credit: Colorado General Assembly

Representative Dominique Jackson ardently fights for the safety of her constituents and Coloradans across the state. Rep. Jackson sponsored multiple bills that focused on protecting the constitutional rights of state citizens , establishing a program to offer reduced fares to low-income RTD riders, and HarleyDavidson Mens roarke Vulcanized Shoe Black aYJfxjHul
. As a member on three important committees in the House, Rep. Jackson seizes on her opportunities to vote on numerous bills that could impact Coloradans’ public safety, environmental health, and human rights.
Senator Kerry Donovan

Senator Kerry Donovan. Image Credit: Colorado General Assembly

There doesn’t seem to be a pressing West Slope issue that Senator Kerry Donovan won’t take on. From ASICS Mens GT2000 5 2E Running Shoe Carbon/Silver/Island Blue FtUPloV
to gathering Camel Womens Outdoor Trail Running Shoe Color Pink Size 37 M EU StvKy5
, Sen. Donovan advances legislation that addresses the intersections between dynamic policies, resource accessibility, and geographical challenges.

Sen. Donovan also sponsored a water conservation bill, the Blacklabel PP2014 prime handmade sneakers Black Women 115 / Men 105 eKAJ9ydS
bill, that alleviates some of the demand on our overstretched rivers by expanding the opportunities to use recycled water. Together, these pieces of legislation convey Sen. Donovan’s drive to fight for our communities and urban water conservation to reduce the pressure on the water supplies of Colorado’s agricultural industry on the West Slope.

As Speaker of the House and Senate Minority Leader, Representative Crisanta Duran and Senator Lucia Guzman have fought for all Coloradans. They have advocated for urgent action to fight climate change, negotiated bipartisan compromises to ensure transportation options that make sense for all of us, and spoken up for those whose voices have been marginalized for far too long. This session, their leadership in standing by sexual harassment survivors was an exceptional example that such behavior will not and cannot be tolerated.

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